Walking, Through the Lens

Ok, not literally walking through the lens – that would hurt and, even worse, if you did get through you might find it impossible to get back out again! Now that does sound a bit silly doesn’t it, but there’s a germ of an interesting idea for a story…

Anyway, getting back on topic. I like to walk and I like to take photographs. Taking the DSLR isn’t always an option; I still haven’t managed to persuade myself to leave the zoom lens behind. There’s just no way you can walk up to a wild animal and shove a camera in its face, for instance. And for landscapes, a zoom lens can make things so much easier.

Carrying all that photographic gear plus the essentials for being out and about gets tiring (water is surprisingly heavy) so I do tend to just take the compact sometimes. My little Canon PowershotSX220 with its 14x optical zoom slips into a small pocket and you’d never know it was there. So, there’s no excuse for leaving all the cameras behind.

I lived in Hong Kong for a while back in the 70’s and, to this day, I regret not taking more photographs. There’s no opportunity to go back and take photo’s of things I knew back then because they are no longer there. Time changes people and places so all I have, of Hong Kong, are memories. Having said that, there are a few photos in my Flikr Hong Kong album.

I guess the point is that it’s a great idea to get into the habit of always having a camera with you…

Any thoughts to share?

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